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Top 10 – Cuba

A whirlwind visit (just seven days) sees us leaving Cuba behind not quite sure what has hit us. With heads still spinning, here’s our top ten for the country that needs to be in your top ten to visit as soon as possible. 10 – Cars: Just making it into the top 10 are the […]

While you were working – The troubled youth: Havana

On our travels we’ve heard Havana described as beautifully broken, a very apt expression. I’ll go with another metaphor though, Havana in many ways seems to me like a troubled youth. As we attempt to take in Havana we feel like we’re only allowed to see from the outside, this old city is at this […]

While you were working – An Orwellian adventure

We’ve had our de-stress out in Viñales: we now launch back into the sensory invasion that is Havana once again. Accompanying a pulsing vibe that is nothing short of invasive, there is the odd matter of not having internet; the elephant in the room. Perhaps this is an essential ingredient to making the ‘buzz’ quite […]

While you were working – Valle de Viñales, Cuba

So first day in Viñales, it seems obligatory to do a horseback trip through the valley, recommended by other travellers so why not we say. But that’s not until the afternoon so we hop on some bikes to have a little ride around the valley. We take in a great view as we perch on […]

While you were working – a travel day in Cuba

You know the saying ‘polishing a turd’, when you can’t possibly make something good out of something so bad. Well Cuba has had a good go at reversing the saying. Where this first night and a day has been dripping in amazement and wonder, a somewhat frustrating side of Cuba has shown itself. It seems […]

While you were working – Havana

After a day of walking the streets to soak up Havana much of the initial wonder has only been reinforced, it’s all a little bit luscious. The people are luscious, the buildings are luscious, the streets are luscious, the food… not so luscious but it’s not too bad either. But lets start from the beginning, […]

While you were working – Down the rabbit hole

We leave Mexico behind in with a raft of fond memories, onto our next adventure, Cuba. With all sorts of stories, information and history to patchwork a preconception from, we are expecting possibly a bit of a tough travel week. With Cuba so economically cut off from the world for so long it’s widely recognised […]