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While you were working – Around Otovalo, Ecuador

Otovalo is for us a place of one big deep breath. On one hand we’re in an environment that is relaxing and pleasant to be in, on the other hand this altitude literally takes your breath away. So we’re off and about to have a look around Otovalo and see what we can see, first […]

While you were working – Into Ecuador

Entering into a new country is always a little exciting, new culture to see, another stamp in the passport and an adventure begins anew. I’ve never done a walk across a border either which definitely adds to the theatre, so it’s country number four for the trip, lets see what Ecuador has in store for […]

While you were working – Up we go!

Before we set of on this adventure we were often asked what we were most looking forward to. My common reply was either Colombia or hiking in the Andes. Today both elements combine as we attempt to summit volcano Purace, will the relative disappointment of the former be carried on the grandeur of the latter? […]

While you were working – Colombian Coffee

After what can only be described as a shitful start to our time in Colombia we’re back to our more traditional travelling ethos of getting out of cities and it’s paying off. We’re off to climb a mountain today, so it’s up at 4:30 and meeting the bus on a cold lonely street at 5am. […]

While you were working – Manizales, Colombia

With a great sigh of relief we exit Bogota, keen to step into the next phase of this trip; it’s kind of like flushing the toilet, that nastiness is all gone and we’re all alpine freshness now. It’s a bit of an arduous bus trip, 10 hours all up (only 309km mind you) before we […]

While you were working – Dear Bogota

Dearest Bogota, I regret to write this in a note, we really should say it face to face we know. Alas, we think a clean separation is the best thing for the both of us, yes we’re leaving you. Now don’t cry, it’s difficult for us too but we both know this was always going […]

While you were working – Into Colombia

After a travel day from hell we touch down in Colombia. First impressions are strange as we are confronted not by the busy, lively and often rough around the edges Latin feel, this place seems super organised and clean. We breeze through immigration with German efficiency and leave the impeccably clean and polished airport a […]

While you were working – The troubled youth: Havana

On our travels we’ve heard Havana described as beautifully broken, a very apt expression. I’ll go with another metaphor though, Havana in many ways seems to me like a troubled youth. As we attempt to take in Havana we feel like we’re only allowed to see from the outside, this old city is at this […]

While you were working – An Orwellian adventure

We’ve had our de-stress out in ViƱales: we now launch back into the sensory invasion that is Havana once again. Accompanying a pulsing vibe that is nothing short of invasive, there is the odd matter of not having internet; the elephant in the room. Perhaps this is an essential ingredient to making the ‘buzz’ quite […]

While you were working – Havana

After a day of walking the streets to soak up Havana much of the initial wonder has only been reinforced, it’s all a little bit luscious. The people are luscious, the buildings are luscious, the streets are luscious, the food… not so luscious but it’s not too bad either. But lets start from the beginning, […]

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